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Health Occupations Students of America, a 100 percent health-care student organization, is committed to helping its members become the best they can be. And given the current acute shortage of qualified health-care workers, HOSA has an even more cirtical mission: to attract career-minded, qualified students to the health care professions.


HOSA activities that are an integral part of the curriculum provide students with the ability to:

1. adapt to inevitable career changes and make realistic career goals;
2. participate in community service activities;
3. manage basic survival skills;
4. build self-esteem;
5. develop enthusiasm for learning and maintain motivation;
6. communicate more effectively;
7. interact with health care and community professionals; and
8. develop workplace readiness skills.

HOSA is not a club or extracurricular activity. Instead, it is a critical component of the Health Science Technology Education program. It is a learning laboratory that helps students develop the knowledge and skills to successfully pursue a career in health care. Through HOSA experiences, students have opportunities to become the best they can be!

Over one million career-minded health-care students have been attracted to HOSA and its mission since 1976, experiencing HOSA's unique program of leadership development, motivation, and recognition. There are over 170,000 members now, and students who have completed high school may continue their involvement in postsecondary chapter and through alumni division activities.